Tim, from New Tredegar in South Wales, started Only Men Aloud in January 2000. Winning Last Choir Standing in 2008 changed everything for the choir and Tim left his career in opera to concentrate on OMA. The last three years have been extraordinary, exciting, huge fun and hard work and OMA has become one of the most innovative and fresh organisations on the Arts scene, most recently winning the Arts & Business Cymru, Arts organisation of the Year Award 2011. Tim’s belief in singing as a life-enhancing activity underpins everything that he does professionally. He has always seen the work of OMA as to carry on the mantle of Welsh Male Choir tradition and to continue its relevance to a modern society. Taking choral music to hundreds of thousands of people, both live in concert and on our recording work is a privilege and an enormous pleasure. Enhancing the spearheading work of the father company, Tim’s idea to introduce singing to younger generations with Only Boys Aloud and Only Kids Aloud continues to thrive and 2012 saw the creation of The Aloud Charities to further cement and develop the work of OMA, OBA and OKA. Tim was awarded an MBE to recognise his fantastic acheivements, in 2013.


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